Store Closing 😞 

Dear friends, 
After a great deal of careful consideration, I have decide to close my online store. 
This is due to the lack of sales. Sadly many people rather support Amazon instead of my small business. 
I wish I could offer better prices but product manufactures are increasing their price due to "normal" inflation and some of it is Covid related. 
If you find a product you like, please order while is in stock.  
My heartfelt 🙏 thanks to those that supported my small business. 
       Darling Elliott   🐾


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Elias from Yorkie Grooming Tips

Best grooming tools to groom at home. I just love them. 


Cathy Warder

Some of the most unique items you will ever find for your fur baby.

laurel from yorkie grooming tips.jpg

Laurel Kelley

I just received my order of the grooming apron and all the wonderful grooming gadgets, the order came way before I was expecting it. Thank you.