Make Nail trimming a safe experience with my new LOW NOISE Light Feather Nail Grinder. 


Hello everyone! Darling here with my brand-new nail package. I know that trimming your dog’s nails can be scary, (I have been there) and that is why I like to test every product before I put them in my store for sale.  


Save Time and Money! How much is your time worth? Include the driving and waiting time. How much does your vet or groomer charge for a nail trim? In my area is 10-15 dollars. 


My new LOW NOISE Light Feather Nail Grinder is equipped with 2 highlighted LED light which allows you to see the quick on dark nails. 


My new LOW NOISE Light Feather Nail Grinder is outfitted with an innovative motor using the latest technology, which minimize the noise to help you keep your dog calm.


Two Speed Modes : My new LOW NOISE Light Feather nail grinder comes with two rotation speeds, press and hold the switch for a few seconds to start and press the switch again to adjust the speed.


 2 Grinding Ports: Choose the appropriate port and speed depending on your pet's size You can also remove cover and use it without it. 


Lightweight (2.2 oz)  & portable, which makes it easy to maneuver.


My new LOW NOISE Light Feather Nail Grinder uses a diamond bit to deliver the safest and most comfortable nail grinding experience. 


This nail package comes with a FREE Hello Curvy 2.0 (CURVED NAIL CLIPPER) and A SMALL container with Styptic Powder.


Note: When dremeling nails I use a tap tap tap motion.  Remember, any Dremel generates heat. Be sure you are removing the Dremel often, so it does not sand the nail down too quickly. 


Still Not Convinced?

What our videos here:


Light Feather Nail Package

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  • This low noise, with 2 LED Lights will AID you find the quick in dark colored nails NOT BLACk ONES, please check if you would benefit from this nail grinder by using your phone light or a flashlight  on the nail, some yorkies have brown nails which makes easier to to see the quick.  Remember not to over grind.