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Yorkshire Terriers and parents approved! 

The Benefits of a boar brush and what makes them so special?

This brush type has been around since the 1800s, but today they include a mix of nylon and boar bristles that are perfect for stimulating and distributing the Sebum (The scalp’s Natural oils) throughout the hair strands, resulting in a natural sheen. 


IT HELPS to clean the hair. Not so fast: The boar brush won’t actually replace the shampoo, but it does contribute to the hair washing process.  As the hair is brushed, the bristles capture any lint or dirt found in the hair. So the next time you or your Yorkshire Terrier is due for a wash, pre-cleanse the hair with a few strokes of Luisant Boar Brush. 


In addition, while my boar brush is a great addition to your grooming supplies please don’t forget to read about the importance of proper nutrition.


Luisant Boar Brush is lightweight with an oval shape for maximum coverage. 


Recommended for medium to long coats.

 Drop coated breeds and humans!


Luisant Boar Brush

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  • My boar brush comes with a 90 days guarantee. Please contact me if you lost more than a few bristle for a full refund or replacement.